Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fantastic Fungi - Kickstarter


I would just like to take a moment to promote this Kickstarter campaign for Fantastic Fungi, a film featuring the brilliant myco-pioneer Paul Stamets (of Fungi Perfecti fame) on the life-affirming miracle of mushrooms. I am promoting it solely because I care.

 From bioremediation, to creating soil and sustaining plant life, to helping heal cancer, crushing viruses, aiding mental disorders and even saving the bees, the world would not exist and persist without fungi and their story needs to be heard.

 My husband Jason says, "lose touch with the soil, lose touch with your soul" and we are in danger of losing ourselves as a species until we reunite our consciousness with the soil and all within it that sustains us and makes the growing and walking world a possibility.

 Fungi are workers that play a crucial role in keeping the soil life and all else that uses it going and growing...but their role doesn't stop there. Wouldn't you like to learn more? I would, too! Let's get this project backed! I contributed, will you? Vote with your dollars and let's bring this knowledge to the masses!

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